Digital door locks

10 July 2020 / 1 min read / Hardware

Digital door locks nz

These digital locks enable you to unlock your home with your smartphone, allowing you to ditch the keys for good! Find out more about the three different digital lock options for your home below:

  1. Yale Assure Bluetooth Lock
  2. Yale 3109+ Digital Door Lock
  3. Yale 4109+ Digital Door Lock

Yale Assure Bluetooth Lock

The Yale Assure app allows you to share and manage digital keys from anywhere and see who accessed your home and when. It is available in a Matt Black, Satin Nickel or Rubbed Bronze finish. Pair with a pull handle for a sleek, modern lock with digital convenience!

Product Features & Benefits:

  1. Digital Keys - Share or delete digital keys using the app. Includes 5 Digital Keys with download.
  2. Manage Users - Set unique access schedules for each user and view a history of who accessed your home, and when.
  3. Customize Locks - Create up to 12 unique pin codes, adjust lock features and personalize your settings. 


Yale 3109+ Digital Door Lock

Combining high security with cutting edge technology, the Yale 3109+ Digital Door Lock is a high quality security solution for the contemporary home

Product Features & Benefits:

  1. Access by proximity card, Pin code or key for your convenience
  2. Mechanical key override
  3. Scramble code
  4. Tamper Alarm
  5. Low battery alarm
  6. 4 Digit One Time Code

Yale 4109+ Digital Door Lock

This next-generation biometric lock combines leading-edge technology with a proven mechanical platform. With its sleek design and cutting-edge features, the 4109+ provides a lasting first impression in any contemporary home.

Product Features & Benefits:

  1. Fingerprint Verification
  2. Voice Guide Feature
  3. Smart Touchpad
  4. Anti-panic Egress with Safe Handle
  5. Scramble Code
  6. Easy Registration of codes & fingerprints
  7. Mechanical Cylinder
  8. Tamper Alarm
  9. Automatic Locking Mode
  10. 4 Digit One Time Code
  11. Auxiliary 9V battery terminal

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