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UNO Suites
26 March / 3 min read

Meet the UNO range of suites

When specifying windows and doors, you need to choose a suite. That’s why we’ve designed three window suites, tailored to suit different types of projects. In this article, we showcase the three main suites we offer at UNO Windows & Doors, including the key differences, best applications, and customisations you can make. We also compare the energy efficiency of each suite to help you specify the right options for your next project.
Stressed man comparing proposals
22 March / 4 min read

How to compare aluminium joinery proposals?

When it comes to selecting the right window supplier for your projects, thorough evaluation is crucial to ensure that all proposals are compared on a fair basis. Here's a breakdown of 13 key considerations to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison:
8 March / 6 min read

What projects has UNO completed in my region?

A builders guide to aluminium windows
20 February / 5 min read

A Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Aluminium Windows

When specifying windows, every decision holds significant weight. The choice of windows can dramatically influence the costs, aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency of a building, which makes navigating the myriad of choices increasingly daunting. When you’re specifying your aluminium windows and doors, this article will be your compass. We cover everything from frame types to costs to aluminium finishes to specs advice.
Aluminium windows and doors
30 November / 4 min read

An architect's guide to aluminium windows

Specifying the joinery for a building project can be daunting so it pays to understand every aspect of the process.
design considerations for windows and doors
26 October / 6 min read

6 aluminium window considerations for design professionals

Planning your windows involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure they meet both aesthetic and practical requirements. In this article, we explore six key design considerations architects and developers should take into account when planning windows.
Commercial H1 requirements NZ
24 September / 8 min read

H1 requirements for commercial buildings

In 2022, the New Zealand Building Code energy efficiency requirements were updated. This is a major step for our national standards, requiring a major adjustment for builders and suppliers.
New home build
25 July / 5 min read

How much are delays costing my building site?

With any residential or commercial building project, delays can cause a budget blowout. Surprisingly, poor logistics, particularly with weather tightening, can be a major cause of these delays. The question is – how can you reduce the risk of a cost and time blowout?
R-value for housing
27 June / 8 min read

What is the ideal R-value for housing and how can I achieve it?

For housing, the NZ building code section H1 calls for R0.46 for the majority of the country & R0.50 for most of the South Island. In light of the updated New Zealand Building Code H1 energy efficiency requirements, many architects and developers wonder which window frame materials are most suitable. The updated standards mark a major step forward for our national standards but for those in the construction industry, it will be a big adjustment. To make it easier, this article outlines how...
spontaneous glass breakage
12 April / 5 min read

How to avoid thermal stress breaks in windows

When choosing windows for your next project, you must consider their strength -- especially regarding cracks and breaks. In this article, we explain what thermal stress breaks are, what causes them, and how to minimise the risk in your next project. We also cover various glass types and the factors that influence their strength.
Best NZ architects meeting about H1 project
15 March / 5 min read

Best NZ architects for H1 project specification

When planning a construction project and dealing with design decisions, having the right team of experts on your side makes a significant difference. The question is, how can you be confident that your architect is the right fit for the job? In this article, we share our list of top architects for residential and commercial developments, with a particular focus on energy efficiency and the updated H1 standards. To find the ideal architectural firm for your next venture, find our recommendations...
Building an energy-efficient house
26 January / 5 min read

How do I communicate the value of thermal windows to clients?

Are you considering thermally broken windows for your next project? While they are more expensive upfront, the benefits are well worth it. The problem is, you need your clients to be on the same page. In this article, we’ve made it simple and stripped away all the industry jargon. That way, you can communicate with your clients just how worthwhile thermal windows are, in a way that makes sense to them.
Entrance doors nz
30 November / 6 min read

Entrance doors that make a statement

An entrance door is your opportunity to make a striking first impression. As the entry point into domestic life, a front door creates an inviting atmosphere and showcases the home’s style. It sets the tone for the entire house – welcoming guests and creating a private haven inside.
New Townhouse Development New Zealand
23 November / 4 min read

Aluminium windows and medium-density housing law changes

A recent amendment to the Resource Management Act has made medium-density developments far more viable. If you are a developer, architect, or landowner, that means you can most likely build more homes than before.
thermally broken windows
28 October / 5 min read

Thermally insulated windows: Are they worth it?

Recently, you may have noticed the phrases 'thermally-insulated', 'thermally-improved', or 'thermally-broken' cropping up and it’s more than just a buzzword because, in the next 12 months, thermally-insulated window frames will be required to meet the new minimum H1 standard across all of New Zealand.
R-value vs U-value
17 August / 7 min read

What is an R-value and how can it be increased?

One of the most important factors of energy efficiency is installing effective insulation. And to ensure the insulation you use is sufficient, you’ll need to know what its R-value is, how to calculate it, and what your local requirements are.
Building Code Changes
31 July / 6 min read

NZ building code: Latest updates to H1 Energy Efficiency

*This blog post includes the latest information on the NZ Building Code changes announced on 15 July 2022 in regard to the transition period for insulation settings for new housing. Toward the tail end of 2021, it was announced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment that the New Zealand Building Code H1 energy efficiency rules would be changing in 2022. The changes announced would be the biggest advancements to the Building Code in over a decade.
Project availability for windows and doors
18 July / 4 min read

What projects do UNO Windows & Doors not do?

It can be hard to choose the perfect windows and doors for your project, especially when some companies might not have the capacity, or delivery network to support your needs. That’s why we’ve put together this blog explaining the jobs we’re able to collaborate on, to hopefully save you time and confusion. We know construction projects can be stressful and that you want to find the perfect partner to work with you every step of the way.
Architecture project
22 June / 6 min read

Why come to us early in the process for specs?

Finalising the joinery for a project can be daunting, but getting it done early will pay off in both time, money and quality. Our team are dedicated to delivering joinery that fits the brief, stays within budget and is installed on schedule. However, those factors can’t always be guaranteed if we don’t have the finalised specs on time. To ensure you get the best possible joinery solutions for your specific project, consult with our team early on.
23 May / 5 min read

Bifold, stacker, or sliding door: What's the best fit for my project?

Each new building project brings its own unique challenges and opportunities; getting the doors right is a crucial aspect of the design process. Each type of door can offer unique benefits to your space, but it’s essential to know the pros and cons before you make your decision.
Thermal break aluminium windows
24 March / 4 min read

What are thermally insulated windows?

Windows and doors are the heart and soul of a home. They let in natural light, frame views, facilitate the coming and going of people, add security, magnify space and allow the great outdoors to flow in. The aesthetics but also the functionality of windows and doors will determine the overall comfort and experience of a home so it’s important to choose the right windows from the get-go.
Favourite projects of 2021
8 December / 5 min read

Favourite projects of 2021

We take on a wide variety of projects each year ranging from large townhouse developments to residential new builds, which keeps the team busy all year round.
Flush Sliding Doors
19 October / 5 min read

The pros and cons of flush sliding doors

Natural light, fresh air and expansive views drawing the outside in can all be achieved in your home by the doors you choose. Large glass sliding or stacker doors will open up a space, let in the light and create the ultimate indoor-outdoor flow.
New build homes
10 September / 8 min read

9 inspiring design trends for windows and doors

While windows and doors have many practical purposes, such as security, access and ventilation, they’re also used as an element of design, for framing a view, adding personalised features and creating a sense of space and light within your home. Through the use of varying sizes, styles and colours, you can achieve a unique joinery solution that meets your requirements and complements the architecture and surroundings of your living environment.
Windows for new home
11 August / 6 min read

Windows for a new build home

Building a new home can be an overwhelming process, with many decisions to make and timelines to manage. However, investing time into considering the windows you use can greatly improve the look, feel and overall comfort of your finished home. In this blog, we’ll cover the important considerations when it comes to the windows for your new build to ensure you end up with an effective solution.
Low-E glass
28 June / 4 min read

Low-E glass and why it’s perfect for winter

There are many different types of glass that can be used for your windows, each of which can have an impact on the temperature, lighting, sound and overall comfort of your home. During the cooler winter months, having extra insulation can prove invaluable for the comfort of your family. Options such as low-E glass have good thermal performance and help your home stay drier, creating a healthier living environment.
Door hardware
9 April / 4 min read

Joinery hardware explained

If you’re building a new house or renovating, don’t overlook the smaller features! Paying extra attention to detail when it comes to your window and door hardware can enhance the aesthetics and security of your home. From handles to locks, this blog will cover what you need to know about aluminium window and door hardware, including the different features, design and layout considerations. The right choice of hardware will improve the quality, appeal and durability of the joinery and provide...
Aluminium joinery colours
10 February / 5 min read

Tips for choosing the right colour and finish for aluminium joinery

A pop of colour at your front door can help add personality to your home and make an impressive entrance! However, when choosing a finish for your aluminium windows and doors, colour is only one part of the equation. The location of your site will help determine the performance requirements of your surface finish and ensure that the product you choose is fit for purpose. This is particularly important in harsh or exposed environments, such as along the coast. In this blog, we compare the...
Glass options for aluminium windows
5 January / 5 min read

What are the different types of glass options for aluminium windows?

When choosing new windows, most people consider the design features, such as opening style and joinery colour, however an important component that is often overlooked is the glass type. There’s more to windows than just what you see - the glass type you pick can have a significant impact on the temperature, lighting, sound and overall comfort of your home.
Sliding doors
26 November / 7 min read

What to consider when choosing new aluminium doors

Having a seamless indoor-outdoor flow is one of the most popular selling aspects of any kiwi home. New Zealanders love to have a functional and stylish outdoor area to entertain friends and relax in their own backyard. The trick to creating a cohesive environment is to blur the boundary between indoors and out by choosing doors best suited to each area of your home.
Double glazed aluminium awning windows
8 November / 6 min read

What are the different types of aluminium windows?

When considering window options there are a few things to take into consideration to ensure you get the best possible window & door solution for your individual needs. Not only are there a wide range of materials that your windows can be made from, but also a lot of glazing types and opening styles, which can make selecting windows a little bit more involved than at first thought!
Digital door locks nz
10 July / 1 min read

Digital door locks

These digital locks enable you to unlock your home with your smartphone, allowing you to ditch the keys for good! Find out more about the three different digital lock options for your home below:
Entrance doors
19 May / 1 min read

Personalise your entrance door

Your entrance door is an important part of your home, the door that welcomes guests and family and a place where you can really show your personality When selecting your entrance doors, we have a range of colours, styles, and hardware to choose from, giving you the freedom to choose the option best suited to your requirements. Aluminium doors are highly durable and are especially suited to the New Zealand climate. When timber doors are exposed to the sun, wind, and rain, they can warp and fade...

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