Aluminium windows

Windows are important for both functionality and aesthetics

Our unique thermal frame is designed by our in-house technical team. Each part is carefully considered to bring you a strong, effective, and superior window. Thermal properties mean that less heat is lost or transferred through the window, making the building more energy efficient.

Our design team utilised feedback from our factory and customers to create a seamless end-to-end solution, all tested to NZ Standards.

Tested up to and beyond NZ Standards - incl. NZS4211

Excellent durability and weather-tightness

Modern, flat face frame consistent across the window and door range

Easy to clean

Let's take a closer look

Aluminium windows

Let's take a closer look

25mm flange easy installation

Greater strength than standard residential profiles on the market

50mm platform - universal across the range for consistency and strength

Hollow frame for superior water management

Featuring an UNO thermal insulator for enhanced thermal performance, as well as a hollow frame for superior water management

Window types

Fixed windows are a great way to capitalise on scenery as the large panes of glass provide unobscured views. Fixed windows also work well as sidelights, providing additional light beside entrance doors, or to brighten up passageways and stairwells.

Fixed configurations

Fixed window
Fixed windows
Fixed aluminium window
Large fixed windows
Aluminium fixed window

Awning windows are top hinged opening windows. They’re a great option for ventilation and are the most common type of opening window in New Zealand homes and offices. Combine a set of awning windows with fixed windows for style and flexibility.

Awning configurations

Awning window
Awning windows
Aluminium awning window
Awning aluminium window
Awning window design
Awning window supplier
Aluminium awning window supplier
Aluminium awning window design
Awning aluminium window supplier
Awning aluminium window design
Awning window options

Casement windows are side-opening windows and are equally as good as awning windows for providing ventilation and light. Casement windows are often selected as a design feature throughout a home, or when the windows are tall and the height of the window doesn't allow for an awning-style opening.

Casement configurations

Casement windows
Casement window configuration
Casement window design

With two sliding panels, the stacker window allows you to have around two-thirds of the window size open. Bi-parting stacker windows are great to achieve a larger opening. Any sliding window is ideal for openings which open to a walkway or deck as the window doesn’t obstruct past the frame like a bifold or hinged window.

Sliding windows are great when you want a window that is easy to open and provides a bigger opening or to maximise the airflow or allow people to connect between the inside and outdoor areas. Another benefit of these windows is that as they are sliding, they do not protrude past the frame which makes them safe for walkways.

Stacking & sliding configurations

Stacking & sliding windows
Stacking & sliding window designs
Stacking & sliding window configurations
Stacking & sliding window supplier

A bifold window is made up of hinged panels that fold back towards the frame to create a large opening. Bifold windows are ideal for areas such as kitchens, outdoor areas, and cafes.

Bifold configurations

Bifold window
Bifold windows
Bifold window configuration

Colours & glass

Colour and glass has a large impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Explore our range of popular colours and glass options below.


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Matt Black

Matt Flaxpod

Matt Ironsand

Matt Grey Friars

Silver Pearl

Matt Titania

Appliance White


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Clear glass _ Circle


Low E glass

Low E

Grey tint glass

Grey tint

Green tint glass

Green tint

Opalescent glass


Clear Glass Matt Black window frame

Window hardware

Consistent hardware style across our windows and doors range

10-year mechanical warranty

Colour-matched to the window and door powdercoat colour

Explore hardware

Aria hardware: A reliable and sturdy range made in New Zealand.

Download our brochure to find the perfect window combination for your next project. From classic design styles to modern masterpieces, this brochure showcases our extensive range of aluminium windows.

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Aluminium windows

Technical Downloads

Visit the technical files library

From DWGs to rebate details, you can access our range of downloadable residential & light commercial technical files below. For Commercial DWG files please contact us.
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Visit the technical files library

Common window FAQs. If you can't find the answers you're after, check out our resources page.

Explore more FAQs

Why is a thermally insulated window better than double glazed?


Thermally insulated windows are better than double glazing alone as the aluminium profile has a plastic strip that reduces the heat transfer through the frame. Double glazing is a good option, but adding a thermal frame to your selection will improve the insulation and energy efficiency of the house.

Does UNO do replacement windows?


Sorry, our specialty is windows and doors for new build homes, multi-residential developments, and light commercial buildings so we don't work with replacement units.

I'm doing a reno, can UNO supply the windows and doors?


Sorry, windows for renovation projects is not a service we offer. We specialise in windows and doors for new builds including new homes, multi-residential developments, and light commercial buildings.

Take the first step on the journey towards your project's success. Contact our team with your plans to get an accurate outline of what lies ahead.

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