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A remarkable transformation in the Epuni region.

Project name

Oxford Terrace




Lower Hutt, Wellington

The client

Kāinga Ora Homes and Communities

A pivotal moment to accommodate the most in need, the government investment of $1.5 billion in 2018 set the ambitious housing plan at Epuni.

Miles Construction was selected as the main contractor to bring to life the Oxford Terrace multi-residential development in 2021.


UNO contributed significantly to Kāinga Ora's project, enriching the three-story fully insulated homes.

The primary goal of the Epuni development plan encompassed:

  • Building 32 modern, warm, and dry homes, predominantly one bedroom homes with a complement of three and four bedroom residences.
  • Provide homes with low maintenance and fully insulated equipped with Low E double glazing.
  • A gateway to homeownership, this affordable construction was facilitated, particularly for first-time buyers.
  • Enhancing a new standard in neighbourhood refinement by improving the construction style. 
  • Mandating a Homestar rating of 6 for all homes, indicating they surpass the existing New Zealand building code standards.
Introduction to Homestar by New Zealand Green Building Council.
Windows for multi-residential projects
Aluminium doors for multi-residential projects


Good quality products to upgrade lifestyle 

Focusing on providing good quality products that would upgrade the lifestyle while providing a safe home for the families registered at the Ministry of Social Development, UNO provided 146 windows & doors in Low-E glazing with exceptional performance, this glass can reduce up to 62% of heat loss compared to standard double glazing. This is crucial in providing comfortable, warm, dry, and energy-efficient housing. 

Check more about glass types and energy efficiency.

With our end-to-end solutions, we were able to help Miles Construction conclude the project by experiencing our proven process based on good communication, focusing on adding real value from the initial stages through to the completion of the project.

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Window & door units
UNO supplied 146 window and door units for this 3 story development in a range of awning windows, sliding doors, and hinge doors.
Matt Ironsand Powdercoat
Ironsand powdercoat
Throughout this housing development, the Ironside powdercoat colour was employed to blend with the striking exterior colour palette seamlessly.
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Low-E double glazing
Low-E (low emissivity) lightbridge double glazing, featuring argon fill and thermal spacers, was applied in window and door units. This glass type boasts excellent thermal performance, ensuring homes remain dry and healthy.
Aluminium joinery
UNO Residential Suite
The residential suite was chosen for its durability and strength, making it well-suited for various housing and multi-residential settings.

Featured products

A variety of window and door units were used across this project

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