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Affordable housing in Newlands

Project name

Spenmoor Street Townhouses




Newlands, Wellington

The client

Stackhouse & Firth Construction

Well known for their contemporary townhouse developments, GibbonsCo called on Novak + Middleton and Stackhouse & Firth Construction for this Newlands project. This collaboration has proven fruitful before, with several other show-stopping homes built around Wellington.

Having worked with UNO before, Stackhouse & Firth Construction asked us to supply aluminium windows and doors for these 15 townhouses. 


Practical and modern living

The objective of this residential development was to provide high-quality housing at an affordable price. Just a short drive from the Newlands township, the location and economical design provided a rare opportunity. 

One of the main challenges of this project was adhering to the strict construction timeline so that everything could run smoothly. To keep the cost as low as possible, suppliers and contractors needed to work efficiently, particularly to seal the interior from the extreme Wellington weather. 



Cost-effective housing

To ensure the project was completed within budget and on schedule, the UNO team was involved early in the planning stage. We shared our advice on the most economical designs, ensuring the timeline and budget were aligned. 

This early preparation also allowed our team to manufacture the window and door units ahead of schedule. So, when other elements of construction were completed sooner than planned, we could install the joinery a few weeks earlier than required. This resulted in significant savings as the entire timeline could be brought forward. 

In total, we supplied and installed 116 windows and door units from the UNO Non-Thermal Suite. Finished with a Matt Ironsand powdercoat and clear double-glazing, the final look is sleek, minimal and cohesive. 

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Window & door units
The UNO team supplied 116 window and door units for the Spenmoor Street Townhouses project. This included a configuration of sliding doors, awning windows, and entry doors.
Matt Ironsand Powdercoat
Powdercoat finish
The Matt Ironsand powdercoat was chosen to complement the minimal colour scheme of the houses. This finish also provides more scratch resistance and is easier to maintain.
Double glazed windows
Double glazing
For enhanced thermal performance, all windows and doors were fitted with clear double glazing. The sealed space between the two glass panes insulates the home, improving energy efficiency.
UNO non-thermal suite
UNO non-thermal suite
The UNO non-thermal suite was chosen with a strong focus on affordability, strength, durability, and safety. This is the most suitable option for most housing and multi-residential environments.

Featured products

A variety of window and door units were used across this development

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